Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chocolate is the best

Well I need a new reason to indulge in chocolate. No, wait, I'm addicted to the rich dark chocolate with cacao nibs in it. A recent study has shown that chocolate is better then kissing.
Kissing also made the subjects' heart rates rise, but it did not last as long as with chocolate, which increased heart rates from a resting rate of around 60 beats per minute up to 140.

Chocolate also lowers blood pressure.
Applied to the population as a whole, researchers estimate that the blood pressure-lowering effect associated with cocoa would be expected to reduce the risk of stroke by about 20%, coronary heart disease by 10%, and death from all causes by 8%.

As if anyone needed more reasons to partake in the deliciousness of chocolate. I feel a craving coming on. I got a bar of 87% cacao.

p.s. I HATE grading. No going into academia for me.

Geometry fun. Numbers 5 and 8 are giving me problems