Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Union stuff

Well the Industrial Worker's of the World (IWW) COmmittee on Industrial Classification (CIC) survey has now started hitting people's mailboxes. Soon I will (Hopefully) have surveys winging their way to me and we can start on the huge job that is overhauling our classification system. (I totally forgot about it and I'm the chair!) Woo woo. Go IWW!

If you're a wob, check out this month's GOB for the survey and please please please fill it out!


Coathangrrr said...

I've been slowly trying to get my partner, who works at starbucks, into the union stuff.

You know anywhere I can find some good pamphlets to "accidentally leave laying around the house?

Mike B) said...


I'm a wobbly from Australia. Let's connect.

lost clown said... is a good place to start, esp. for a starbucks worker.


good luck (there are wobs involved in the starbucks campaign in your area who, if you contacted them, would love to help.)

Mike B) said...

Oh well, forget it then. Solidarity,
Mike B)

lost clown said...

sorry....i was offline for a time