Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I just recieved this lovely letter in my inbox:

"In its third run, this provocative and racy, not-your-average-Gucci-struttin'-high fashion show, pushin' and pullin' off all your buttons, is stripping down in B-----, WA from Tuesday, February 27 th, 2007 through Sunday, March 4 and we need YOUR help to make it all happen!
This creative, interactive, and dramatic show, full of performances by a wide variety of women creates a safe space to explore the social constructions of stereotypes and how they affect society. Through dramatized personal accounts of their own experiences living within and outside of stereotypes and a plethora of other social constructions, these women will bare them down to no "other" right before your eyes and hope to illuminate truth and stimulate dialogue in a safe community setting."

Because stripping will set us free. I must have forgotten that.

This is what I hate, a sheer misunderstanding of how to reclaim our bodies and our voices. I somehow got invited to be part of the paparazzi where I get to rush the stage and harrass/obejectify the participants. Something tells me I'll pass on this oppurtunity.


Lara said...

Dear goddess I hate stupid anti-feminist "reclamation" girly-feminist bullshit like that that disguises itself as feminist! Gee boys, we're so sorry we feminists haven't been fun and easy-going, we're going to strip for you now and pretend it's "liberating"! "Ugh" is right!

Laura said...

Hmmmm, 'cos stripper ain't a feminine stereotype, no siree. Grrrr...