Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy New Year (ala random bullets)

I had a great weekend, but now I feel like shit. Isn't PTSD fun?

I've decided to try and write more feminist theory, which means more feminism on my blog. Given my current mental state I don't know when this will kick in, but it's something I'm passionate about, so hopefully soon.

When waiting at the bus stop the other day a couple of people walked past and the guy was singing to the woman "I wanna fuck your body". Is that supposed to be sexy, because it just makes me think of necrophilia, which is scary.

Considering going half time for school next quarter. It may help to only take a few classes.

Gotta see my doc about ADD meds. Woo, awesome. (I did note that my doc thinks I have undiagnosed ADD, right? That's a whole nother level of yay.


spotted elephant said...

I bet taking a few classes instead of a full load would feel extremely different-maybe you'd be able to not only concentrate, but enjoy those classes too.

(((lost clown)))

lost clown said...

Here's hoping. Thanks for the support.