Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm bored and at meme!

Yeah, I forgot my 2 books at home, so I'm bored, because there aren't even photo students around to pester me with stupid questions, so I stole this from Dr. Brazen Hussy: The 4 guilty pleasures meme.

Four Guilty Pleasures in Reading
1. Women's and men's magazines. I guess I just like to piss myself off, but only in waiting rooms.
2. 1930's type Pulp know, the detective stories with Philip Marlowe, et al.
3. The Georgia Straight (free Vancouver paper-if they printed something anti-porn I may have a heart attack and it's better then The Stranger (Seattle paper))
4. Kids books (but I don't feel guilty about it...LOVE THEM)

Four Guilty Pleasures in Movies
1. Bollywood-ANYTHING Bollywood. SO horrible and anti-feminist, but I LOVE it. I can do all the dances. Seriously.
2. Colin Firth movies. I will sit through the worst movies b/c he's always (the real) Darcy to me. Really I would like the time back from "The Importance of Being Earnest" and the god awful "Bridget Jones' Diary." I blame you Firth! My brain went numb for days because of those two movies. NUMB! (I think my brain cells slowly returned to my head over those days. They had to flee because of the horribleness.)
3. Killer Clowns from Outer Space (I LOVE IT!!!!!)
4. Kevin Smith movies, but not Clerks so much. And definitely not the abomidable Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. I think I watched 10 minutes of that one. Blech.

Four Guilty Pleasures in Food
1. Grilled Cheese sandwhiches made with American cheese and white bread
2. Potato chips and cottage cheese (together only)
3. Vanilla cake frosting no cake. I've sometimes been known to eat it straight from the jar. It's been awhile though...hmmmm
4. International Foods "Coffee" mixed with hot chocolate. It's called "hot beverage" and is a hold over from when me and my friend did all nighters every Sunday in the art department at one of my colleges. Hehehehe (I miss you Isa-Isa)

Four Guilty Pleasures in Music
1. Sa-sa-sa-Samantha Fox I have the original tapes too. I love her. Supposedly she'll be touring soon. I'll definitely be there, probably by myself.
2. Victoria Beckham (I KNOW!! My friend got me hooked. AT least I haven't bought anything by her)
3. Buffy The Vampire Slayer "Once More With Feeling" Soundtrack
4. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, because I'm a closet hipster

Four Guilty Pleasures in TV
1. CBC-Canadian Broadcasting. Especially when #2 is on or Dr. Who, or any of a number of great programs they have on, that's why I'm a CBC addict.
2. Curling. I've missed the ferry to Vancouver Island b/c I was too busy watching curling. I've missed/been late to a lot of things because of curling on TV. *sigh*
3. Numb3rs
4. Veronica Mars (is one of the best shows ever, so shut it)

Four Guilty Pleasures in Booze (uh oh)
1. Fruity 'martini' drinks. Yes every once in awhile I have a non-whiskey or tequila drink, and yes it's usually fruity.
2. Bourbon, all sorts of bourbon, which I think is great, but there are many people who are all about 'irish whiskey' or some such nonsense. Shut it and give me some Evan Williams. Yeah you can put it in my coffee. (You can put whiskey in almost everything-milk products seem like a bad idea though)
3. Hot chocolate and vanilla vodka (ok, anything non-whiskey or tequila feels strange to me)
4. Bourbon and coke. I used to only drink it straight up or on the rocks, but I've become 'soft' in my old age.

And I tag anyone who laughs at me! So there!!


Mickle said...

Does it count if I didn't actually laugh out loud until you said "So there!!" ?

lost clown said...



Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Naughty girls need love too! Mmm, frosting out of the can. Mmmm, bourbon. And Bollywood! We should totally hang out.

Dr. Lisa said...

I love Bollywood, too--the dresses, the makeup, the bellies.

Sam said...

My name, originally from "Bewitched" because I was born Halloween night, has always been a sex kitten name so long as I've been old enough to think about it, extending from Samantha Fox to Alyssa Milano on "Who's the Boss" to "Sex in the City" Samantha. Oh, the many times I told someone my name and they said, "sa-sa-sa-Samantha Fox!"

Reel Fanatic said...

That Buffy soundtrack, as silly as it is, is also a masterpiece .. and Veronica Mars rules!

lost clown said...

Naughty girls need love too! Mmm, frosting out of the can. Mmmm, bourbon. And Bollywood! We should totally hang out.

We definitely should! I know all the words to all of Samantha Fox's songs.

lost clown said...

Wow sam, that never even crossed my mind. That would drive me crazy. There's a good thing about her in Misogynies that details how people percieved her even as she tried to move away from page three girl to singer.

Sam said...

Joan Smith's book? I have that.

I not only know many Samantha Fox songs but I saw her in concert as a teen. My friend and I arrived to the arena early so we saw her and waved and she waved back and did a little dance to the music that was playing. I think she was flirting it up with my obviously gay male friend who of course went crazy when she danced "for him".

lost clown said...

Maybe not....she is dating a woman now. (Her manager)

I saw her in concert too...but to see her again. *sigh*

hexyhex said...

Heh. I read a cosmo the other night. True, there were many bits that had me frothing with rage... but, oh, the shoes. THE SHOES! *sheepish*