Wednesday, May 24, 2006

For my international friends

My therapist shared this song with me today, and I loved it so much as I feel this way about many of you, so here it is:

"Cradle of Dawn" by Libby Roderick
Go to sleep.
Welcome the night.
I will be here in the morning light.

Slip into dreams.
You've done all that you can.
I'll hold you here in the dawn.

Sunset in your country.
Sunrise in mine.
Lay down your body.
Feel mine begin to rise.

Sunset in my country.
Sunrise in yours.
I feel you there in the dawn.*
The forces facing us are terrible indeed.
My hope may flicker in the night.
In the morning I will plant another seed.
And while you sleep it seeks the light.


There are no promises that we will see the day,
The dreams we live for will succeed.
But, I can promise you that half way round the world,
I'll hold the light up while you sleep

We need a quiet place to let our spirits speak,
Somewhere that we are safe from harm.
So my beloveds as the moonbeams touch the sea,
Rest in the cradle of the dawn.

I'll hold you here in the dawn.
Rest in the cradle of dawn.


witchy-woo said...

Oh LC, I love you for this! It's so what I needed to hear. I've just made a radfem post on a blog and I know I'll get slammed...

I need my sisters...

that poem says it all.


lost clown said... is exactly how I feel about all of you. What blog, do you need back up? I got my typing fingers ready!


hexyhex said...

That's beautiful. :)