Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hurry up and die Dumbass.

So you all remember my physics TA who said "Stop rape, say yes" right? Well during lab this week we had a lot of waiting (half the lab was waiting the prescribed time periods for crap) so I was perusing my favourite blogs. I was reading the post "This is what a radical feminist looks like" at Feminist Reprise and he decided to make another 'joke' about how he thought that there would be a picture of a woman holding a knife carving up a man. I told him that I don't carry a knife around with me. Which then begged the questions:

"do you really consider yourself a radical feminist? Does that mean you hate men? Does that mean you don't like having me as your lab TA?"

I answered that YES I am a radical feminist, and no that you do not have to hate men to be pro-woman, that things don't work on a binary like that, and that I didn't like his fucking rape joke, becuase it was wrong and NOT FUNNY. (I didn't mention that YES I do hate him as my lab TA b/c he's a moron, he's always flirting with me *puke*, and that he's a sexist fucking pig and I'd rather not see him EVER. Not to mention the fact that when I tell people who my lab TA is they ALL feel sorry for me.)

He tried to defend the rape joke by saying that it was 'one of those not funny things that you joke about, like saying everyone should get AIDS.' Would he find it so funny if he had it or someone close to him? I think not. I mean, how is that supposed to make me feel better about a rape joke? I told him that joking about everyone getting AIDS wasn't funny either. GOOD GOD I HATE HIM. One fucking week left and then I can tell him EXACTLY what I think about him. Maybe I'll have a knife. (I keed. Maybe one of those plastic ones, though. It would be kinda funny in a sick way.)


Oh yeah, he's going to be a school teacher, too. Isn't that great. Guard your children.

And if you need a good laugh after that (I sure as hell did) Alyx at Mad Shiela Musings sure as hell fills the order. Enjoy!


Laura said...

What an arsehole. Another case of 'I don't hate men, but I sure as hell hate you'. Let's stomp on his misogynistic head. SToMP SToMP StoMP mwa ha ha.

spotted elephant said...

It just makes me sick that he gets away with this. But he can, because whole departments are like this.

Edith said...

BARF! BARF BARF! Maybe that would work! Barf on him! Hahaha.

Andrea said...

What a complete prick. If I were you, I'd take a knife and have a little 'accident' with it. Shave a bit off from somewhere, heh heh heh.

Coathangrrr said...

If only you had the plastic knife on hand, then you could have pulled it out and yelled "YES! I'm going to cut you *man*" and chased him around the room.

Maybe I could mail you one of my swords.

hexyhex said...

'one of those not funny things that you joke about, like saying everyone should get AIDS.'

What the fuck?? How does that even make sense?

Is this man aware that he sounds like a South Park caricature of an idiot?

manxome said...

Gawd, what a wad of shit TA is. He's not even good shit, like fertilizer, but useless shit, like, um, himself.

SToMP 'n BARF sounds good. It would be 'one of those not funny things' he loves sooooo much.

lost clown said...

Good god, we have our last lab Thursday, THANK GOD.

CoolAunt said...

Tell him, "Oh, man! I've got an even better rape joke. Get this. Stop Rape the Lorena Bobbit way in one easy lesson! Harrrrr harrrr...What? Isn't that funny?"

alyx said...

Burrow: I've had to work in close proximity to a sexist jerkarse recently too, I feel your pain!

Off with his head! Not necessarily talking about the one on his shoulders either, mwah ha ha (insert evil laugh here).

lost clown said...

ohh coolaunt, I may use that one ;)