Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I just got busted by some late evening photo student (I'm at work) dancing my ass off to LCD Soundsystem's "Thrills." And I was totally busting out (no one's been here for an hour). It was amusing, I froze, we stared, and then I started laughing my ass off, and of course, kept dancing.

On a more serious note:
Also, because I think you should read it and I am just shocked that people still talk about one oppression trumping another read nubian's amazing post on the subject. Wow. What are you doing? Go read. NOW!


manxome said...

You kept on dancing! Damn, that is awesome, making you mega-awesome.

Oh, gawd, oppression trumping? Eww, why do people do this?


My oppression resume:

Dear judges,

I am seeking official license to trump others based on personal levels of oppression. I have vast experience belonging to many different oppressed classes, with equally impressive experience as a member of many privileged classes, which makes me well-rounded in the oppressosphere. I am self-starter who can trump others without supervision. Thank you for your consideration.

Oppression Experience:
40 years experience as a female.
40 years experience as an atheist.
5 years experience in mental illness, specializing in bipolar type 1.
24 years experience with random PTSD-type symptoms, with a certificate for 20 years service to OCD not otherwise specified.

Special Privileges:
4 years of college education.
Resident and citizen of a "first world" country.
Whiteness, homosexuality, middle classiness, married.

Personal traumas: please call for references.


What does it all MEAN? It means I will never, ever, pretend to have any level of authority in the areas of race or sexual preference. I will defer to others with actual experience in those areas to provide perspective on What It's Like. I will listen and learn and respect but I will not judge or rate or compare, no matter how much I think I have learned.

Good flippin' grief.

spotted elephant said...

I agree-how fantastic that you kept dancing! I'm going to remember that the next time I get busted.

And Manxome, your oppression resume made me laugh out loud. But now I'm thinking about it, and I think it might be a good idea.

manxome said...

SE, I'm thinking of coming back to the resume idea and polishing it up some. I hope we can all come up with a resume, so we can have a competition. ;P

lost clown said...

That did make me laugh really loud.

And of course I kept dancing, what else would I do?

manxome said...

Oh, I don't know what else you'd do, clown. I just love that you do it, and that you can't imagine doing anything else. It's just such a beautiful slice of a good life.

ginmar said...

Yeah, I'm trying to figure out why it's bad to call one group of women liars and....not another. Either we're all liars or we're not.

lost clown said...

I don't see how that's ok either, but granted I didn't read the comments that prompted this post, except that they were misinterpreting what you were saying. (low bullshit tolerance this week)

hexyhex said...

Heh. A friend and I had a competition about our minority resumes a little while ago. It was a pretty close call. Unfortunately it stopped being funny for me when a few people argued that his black gay Jewish guy trumped my black bisexual disabled woman. It then became a huge argument over whether or not "women" counted as an oppressed class in the same sense as all the other labels, and ultimately lead to myself and my black gay Jewish mate deciding that we would never, ever start this conversation again.

ginmar said...

I have a no bullshit tolerance this week, especially when I find women defending men and disparaging women. It reminded me of how women will call the woman their husbands cheat on them with a 'homewrecker' but they will not say anything about the guy. That just enables him to do more.

ginmar said...

Manxome, it might help if you actually read what was said. When black women protest that whtie women are liars while Tawana Brawley is being used to tar the victim at Duke, well, I have to wonder why that's okay. And I don't believe any group of men does not contain rapists. It's naive in the extreme to think that oppressed men don't oppress women---and seek revenge.

lost clown said...

I agree with you that it was an overreaction to what happened, but I think the post is good on it's own.

I agree that putting down other women is not the way to fight oppression, seeing as how they're all fucking interlinked. I stay away from Alas because of crap like that.