Saturday, April 29, 2006

Ah the white liberal males are at it again

So for the 3 of you who read my blog and don't read I Blame the Patriarchy there has been much discussed about liberal male "feminist" bloggers/commenters lately. The esteemed Ron Sullivan sums it up beautifully:

One thing an old broad like me has seen many many many times already is some huffulacious oh-so-sincere dude walking in to a group of women almost at random and telling them

a/ what they should be doing in their free time;
b/ how to do it right;
c/ how to be feminists;
d/ why he has their best interests at heart, really;
e/ why he’s qualified to give them orders;
f/ that they’re intolerant, which is self-evidently a Bad Thing;
g/ that they’re preaching to the choir (and the biggest surprise is that they’re preaching);
h/ that some of his best fucks are women;
i/ how to be better feminists;
j/ that they’re not serious enough;
k/ that his wife thinks he’s the greatest;
l/ what God thinks;
m/ why whatever he’s doing this month is more important then feminism;
n/ that feminism is boo-zhwah, and that’s self-evidently a Bad Thing;
o/ that they’re shrill — wow, I almost forgot shrill;
p/ that they can’t pee standing up;
q/ that they should be ashamed of themselves;
r/ that they just don’t welcome open and vigorous debate;
s/ that he needs a beer (this is followed by an expectant silence);
t/ that they’re taking everything he said wrong;
u/ that they’re unreasonable;
v/ that they’re ~touchy~;
w/ that they’ve never said anything about oppression of women in (choose sauce: Iraq, Afghanistan, China, sub-Saharan Africa, the southeastern USA, the ghet-to, Brazil, Antarctica)
x/ that they should apologize to him because his parents had him circumcised;
y/ that he Is Too A Feminist (which evidently means something);
z/ how they should transcend feminism and embrace humanism.

Pick any two menu items and get the third half-price; pick any three and get the fourth free. With five you get a can of wine. And if you’re the guy in question, you get a free hot cup of Shut the Fuck Up.

Now you see why I couldn't resist reposting it here, if only for 3 people. But really, haven't we seen this experience everywhere: from purported rad fem allies to self proclaimed male feminists* who then proceed to enlighten us and want to be crowned Lord and Master of ALL Feminists because really they hold ALL the keys into feminism and us lowly women would be lost without them. Thank god we have these men to tell us what feminism is and who's a feminist and who's not.

(It seems that Biting Beaver has been getting some of these assholes too. Thank god ye holders of the almighty penis can enlighten us stupid uterus holders!

*male feminists ARE unicorns


Biting Beaver said...

I want to apologize for posting your comment over at The Den. I honestly thought that "please don't post" was referring to another person and your desire not to see them post *embarrassed grin*.

I apologized at my place but I wanted to do it here too. Feel free to delete this after you've read it if you wish. I've had others type out in all caps Private or something to that effect.

Anyway, I am very, very sorry about putting it up there. Damn me and my mistakes. I have deleted the original comment though I must say that it makes me feel good to know that a few folks agreed with me on the issue.

Again, my apologies.

lost clown said...

Yeah I was kind of fluctuating back and forth over whether I was unhappy to have my comment up, because really I felt like everything I said was valid, but I guess I get attacked by him enough as is.

Hmmm....maybe I'll repost something like that. And don't worry, there are many others who feel similarly.

Terry said...

Well, as one of the 3 (I'm terribly behind in my reading), I appreciate you posting it. I'm sick to death of them.

lost clown said...

Glad I could bring it to you.

Kim said...

I love this!
Check out ol' Freeman's site sometime, if you feel strong. He's got a little touchy-feely story about his wife, where he feels it's important to mention her "wet eyes," "blonde hair" and nipple.

Liz said...

Don't forget the guy who is a feminist because he gets lots of pussy for being one and the guy who tells you how all of his lesbian friends have told him that if they were going to be with a man it would be him.

hexyhex said...

As 2 of 3, thanks! This is awesome. I want to repost it myself...

Anonymous said...

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