Tuesday, April 22, 2008

10 points, I think so!

Now here's the thing. I am celebrating, but of course my mind does not stop thinking just because we have won PA. An important thing to do now that we have the results from PA is to analyse them. (Yes I am one of those people.) But first, something great. SEriously, I got all misty, especially when she talked about actually funding science research again. *sigh*

Look at the sections that Hillary won, and won by large margins. You can check them for yourself here.

There are two areas of the state that a democrat needs to win or else we have another Dukakis on our hands. These areas include counties that Hillary won by stunning margins, an average of 34 points. 28 counties down 2 strips on the eastern and western side of the state comprised of "Reagan Democrats." These are voters that are just as likely to vote for a republican if they feel that the democratic candidate does not stand for them. Hell, they voted for Bush the first. How likely do you think these people are to vote for an 'elite' candidate who thinks they are clingy and who does not advocate a health care plan that will benefit them? (I know people are sick of the clingy thing, but it offended my family in IL and they voted for the guy, and this is going to be played to death in the general. People don't like people who think act like they're better then everyone else. Think it, but act like you don't. Duh. *points to the White House*)

More later. Including a conversation I was having about the scary similarities between Reagan and Obama and Carter and Obama which made an Obama supporter make a loud and angry exit from the coffeeshop. (You can not deny that Obama's hope message mimic's Reagan's nor that they're playing on Obama's outsider status and the 'saviour'-ness of Carter's candidacy. Well, apparently this guy could (and we hadn't even gotten to Reagan), but then again it's either a matter of not knowing history or a refusal to learn from the past. Hell I'm a math and physics person and I know this stuff. But my friends are all mystified since they know that politics is my life. I did say that politics is like water.)

Also, as per people saying that Clinton has no backing, reports are coming in to the contrary:
E-mails Clinton spokesman Phil Singer:

As of 11:30 p.m. tonight, we are at nearly $2.5 million since PA was called for HRC — 80% of that money is coming from new donors to the campaign. It’s our best night ever.


brotherkomrade said...

Wobbly, anarcho-bike punk, huh?

lost clown said...

Yes. I don't think the system is right, but I don't think sticking my head in the sand and ignoring it is going to do anything either. So while I'm at it I'll support the person who pushes for universal health care and is pro-union.

brotherkomrade said...

But the unions have stopped being the advocates of the working poor for quite some time. Seriously, You're a wobbly?
And while I'm at it, since you wanna thank Bill for so much, why don't you thank him for his bloody attempts at imperialism in Haiti?
How about the loss of labor jobs (the ones 'protected' by the "keep labor in the family" types while corps took the jobs elsewhere and he did nothing?
You're an anarcho-punk?
Thank him for the amount of prisons that he built for those who couldn't and can never get into labor in the first place.
You're a wobbly?
I'm not an Obama supporter because I know that he is but one of th three heads of this farce of an election-monster. He shares the same body with Hilary and McCain.
Do I need to 'school' you again on this, Wobbly-Anarcho-Punk?

I say this now at 41 y/o as I said this when I was 18 at a MDC show, "These new kids from the 'burbs are gonna fuck our shit up. They will kill our little sub-culture and it will never amount to shit. I ahte posers."

The End

lost clown said...

Did I ever say Bill or any other president was perfect? NO. I have HUGE problems with all of them, including this free trade crap which is bad for workers all over the world and bad for the environment.

I am a Wobbly because you're right, other unions are crap and that's why we refer to them as corporate unions. They don't care about workers. But we're becoming more visible and have had some great campaigns in the last few years. Our Starbucks campaign has been spreading like wildfire, and though I abhor Starbucks I am glad that we're making them stand up and take notice and that there are more and more unionised shops. Your problem with unions is not with the IWW. I propose you learn more about us and our rank and file (i.e. no hierarchial system) before you lump us in with the rest of them.

Again, just because I don't like the system and want to see it abolished doesn't mean I'm an idiot and I'm going to stick my head in the sand and pretend that it doesn't somehow affect me. She's great on women's rights. That means a lot to me. She's the only one advocating universal health care. That is government's job to me. She's the only one who's said to get rid of NCLB. That too means a lot to me. While there are plenty of things I don't like about her, she's better then the others. I'm not some naive starry eyed young'un who thinks that if we choose not to participate while fighting to change things that it will do any good.

So try and 'school' me all you like. But I'm a pragmatist and I'd rather have someone in office who will fight hard to ensure that we all get healthcare, because it's about damn time. And I've never lived in the 'burbs in my life, but sorry I'm not 'hardcore' enough for you since I refuse to drop out because none of these candidates is my ideal candidate. Face it, someone's going to be in the WH come January, and Hillary's the best of the bunch.

brotherkomrade said...

Ok. We'll see what happens.
In the meantime, I'm sorry that you have dealt with 'manrchist-types' in your past.

lost clown said...

Me too. I could never wrap my head around how someone who was supposed to be an anarchist could be so misogynistic and in some cases racist.

Still boggles me to this day.

lost clown said...

Also I'm terrified of Obama's libertarian advisor getting anywhere near Social Security (which is another thing I think is government's job if it exists).