Saturday, December 08, 2007

mmm Finals, and what other then anxiety!

So next week is finals week. Mine are on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

So I've been getting migraines 1-2 times a week where I used to get them 1-2 times a month. My doc put me on some preventative meds but they also lower your blood pressure and it lowered mine way to much. I've spent the past 3 days feeling all woozy, dizzy, and airheaded. It felt like watching something and someone kept shaking the camera, and everytime they did it was like my brain was an etch-a-sketch that got erased as well. It made doing my last physics assignment hell. It took me 4 friggin' days to do an assignment that would usually take only two.

Is it right that I'm a math major but I spend all my time in the physics building? We have couches in the TAs office and food. It makes it really hard to have an excuse to leave before you're done with your work.

I thought that I was being fired from my TA job, but really the guy who assigns labs has very bad people skills, because I brought it up with Andrew, actually he brought it up with me, who I'm rewriting the labs for and he was nothing but praise, he only brought up his concern over my health issues (1-2 migraines a week since September) and I was really happy because I learned that I'm very enthusiastic about the labs, I'm very approachable for the students and well liked, and that I am very helpful. He then said he would talk to the guy who hands out the lab assignments because he was worried that I wouldn't get a lab b/c he felt that there may have been a miscommunication. He asked me to do the 101 labs with him this winter and then another calc-based physics lab with him in the spring. YAY! I'm a good TA (so said the anonymous surveys we received about the labs this summer).

Well I'm glad to know that after spiraling into a depression cycle for the next 4-5 days. yippie. I missed another quiz. gah.

I waited until after we talked about the labs, because I didn't want to make him feel bad or anything and then I gave him a teddy bear I knit for his 6 mo and some shark mitts (pictured below) I made for his 5 year old. He loved the mitts and told me that his whole family would. He's been under so much stress this quarter I wanted to give him something to pick up his spirits a bit. I love the mitts and really want to try to make them in an adult size.

Wish me luck on my finals! I will be, surprise, surprise, in the physics library all day Monday. I would be there on Tuesday if I didn't have a final that afternoon. whoosh!


Rebecca said...

Good luck on your finals!

MaggieH of Against Pornography said...

Nice mitts, Lost Clown! Shark mitts with teeth, Ha, Ha!

I wish you luck on your finals! Fingers crossed.

Verging Writer said...

I am new to your blog via Arooo. By now your finals are over? I sympathize - from the prof side of things - I am now faced with grading a stack of finals. Pay back, as they say.

Sorry about the headaches - such things can make grad school so hard. Best of luck.

lost clown said...

Yeah I have my exam for my asshole prof on Friday, but seeing as everything I've been in class to take I've got 100% or more (extra credit) I think I'll do fine.

And I have everything in case I need to appeal. (Apparently having documented health problems and working with Disability services is not enough to get make ups or having your grades weighed with the final. I'm apparently supposed to know when I'm going to have a crippling migraine/panic attack/bout of depression before it happens. Grrrrrrr)