Wednesday, December 12, 2007

how I relieve stress (and keep from studying)

funny pictures
moar funny pictures


MaggieH of Against Pornography said...

Oh, so cute! I love kitties. Mwah, Mwah... Meow!

Sicily Sue said...

Hello I have seen your site before. I loved this post. I also often distract myself from studies by playing with my kitten. They help a lot!

I also wanted to talk to you because I am a rape victim and since my rape the sickness in our culture has been revealed to me. I decided to go back to school for Women's Studies to try and be a part of the solution to end violence against women. Talking about sexual violence is huge.

I made a video talking about it... so that I might be able to win a scholarship for my education as I fight the good fight.

Check it out at -
My video is in the College Contest section and it is called "Christy's Tuition Contest Video"

If you can please vote for the video too. The winner is purely decided by the votes. You need to sign up for a user name with Trugo… but it is really easy.

If I can win this scholarship. I can work to encourage people to talk about ending violence against women.

I know the pain of victim blaming. I know what it is like to lose friends who just want me to get over it. I know how difficult the justice system is. I really believe we must work to change the culture. We have a ton of work to do... But I am an activist now... and for life. Thanks and Peace.

lost clown said...

I love reading your site and am glad that you are here. We need people willing to speak out on this subject.

I can't get Trugo to load right now, but I look forward to watching your video. If it's anything like your blog I'm sure it will be great.

Thanks for doing the good work.