Monday, December 10, 2007

In the market for some art?

I just "opened" my store on, a place to buy all handmade items sold by the artists themselves. My store is here, and more prints will be added, as well as photos, and the photos will be $20 and under (depending on whether it's on fiber paper (which needs to be mounted) and RC paper, which doesn't. Price depends on size). So if you want to support me, but can't afford it just wait a little while. Knit items and hand spun yarn will be coming soon as well (though after the holidays)

Tell your friends! Support artists! (even if you choose not to buy from me, you should buy from the other artists. I buy almost everything from there!)


MaggieH of Against Pornography said...

Very Nice, Lost Clown!

I checked the link you gave on your blog here (I had already bookmarked Etsy's website from Genderberg).

I quite like the Oceanic Nightscape in the middle. It reminds me of when I had observed the waves in the Mediterranean sea underneath the moonlit and starry sky one night while I was on a trip abroad once...