Thursday, May 10, 2007

Well if you can't run away... can electrically shock them!

She wanted to be empowered without losing her femininity, to have the freedom to be sexy without fear. The shoes certainly achieve that, offering 100,000 volts of high fashion stun gun power which can be activated by a control on the matching necklace. The weapon is hidden and when the wearer taps on the matching necklace an electric spark is displayed in the transparent tip, warning the would-be assailant to back off. The weapon is designed for a one time use, in case of emergency, by breaking the tip of the shoe. Link here.

Again, misuse of the word empowered, but hey, who knows what the hell it means these days.


Faith said...

Ugh. Just Ugh.

Winter said...

It's like something from a bizarre 1970s TV series.

Liz said...

reminds me of the women in Austin Powers