Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sitemeter fun time!

I miss sitemeter blogging, and since I have nothing to do right now (well, homework, but I'm procrastinating) I thought I'd revive this (sometimes) fun past time. (But really it was to answer this first one)

wolverines being endangered and it is not humans fault
No, it is humans fault as we keep encroaching upon their territory. They need large tracts of land to roam around and we keep building crap in their habitat.

the reason of patriarchy
Hmmm. This one has many theories, mine being that it's like bullies on the playground...people want to put other people down in order to make themselves feel better about themselves and to overlook their insecurities. Why it's still around? Because men don't want to give up their privilege. And a large number of them hate us. I point to the video farther down the page and a lot of the things on this blog and the ones on my sidebar as proof.

are strip clubs wrong

it [sic] all her fault
Well if you're googling this to feel better about yourself, it probably isn't all her fault.

girls in white panties
drink draino, asshole.

Do all men go to strip clubs?
NO! The good ones don't, anyway.


lost clown said...

No troll comments remain on my blog, so don't come back and whine about it.