Sunday, March 30, 2008

The fervent misogyny of some Obama supporters makes me kick things

Now not all Obama supporters are raving misogynists, but they are out there and they are pissing me off and making me hate them more and more (whereas before I was just nervous about Obama.)

To those who want me and others like me to support your candidate, should he get the nomination, it would be in your best interest to publicly chide these people and get them to stop spewing their misogynist statements*. I don't have a complete list, but only recently in the NYT have the phrases "just as often she raises her voice to a shout that can sound grating" and "among other things, she has also been accused of having a grating voice and bad taste in clothes." Would we be hearing this if she was a man? No. You better do something, because whenever I do something it's dismissed b/c I support Hillary, not because I object to misogyny period.

Read it all here.

I found out that one of the Blogger Boyz whose site I no longer visit characterized the battle between the Hillary and Barry factions of the party as some kind of "lover's quarrel", where, once the Hillary side realizes it can't win, they will kiss and make up with the winner. We wimminz (because we all know Hillary supporters are just typical old white wimmin) will come around and vote for The Precious and if we don't, well then we're infantile.


To describe the unrelentingly savage and misogynistic assaults on Hillary Clinton over the course of this campaign as some kind of lover's quarrel that her (feminized) supporters will "get over" is deliberately overlooking the strand of violence that has been present in this campaign season in a way that I have not seen since the bourgeois "riot" at the Florida recount. Domestic violence is a better description.


Death threats called in to Black super delegates. Caucus goers threatend and forcibly blocked from entering the caucus location. Encouragement on major blogs to find out real life information about Hillary supporters and harras them in their place of work and in their homes. Threats of riots at the Denver convention If delegates fail to vote for The Golden One. Under the veneer of Hope and Change, this is a campaign that traffics in intimidation. You better do what we say... or else.

*I have not voted for a democrat for president in at least the past 3 cycles. But I was voting in NY and WA. This was the first year I was going to go democrat for pres, but the more misogyny I read in the papers and on blogs the more I say no if it's Obama b/c it means that I forgive such tactics, which I never will.


Anonymous said...

o rly

-to clarify, are you also against people who support hillary because she is a woman? after all, it really shouldn't matter what her gender is right?

-you talk about 'misogynistic' obama supporters, but just because some obama supporters may have..undesirable attitudes towards women, does not necessarily reflect obama's views. right?

-but if we want to talk about supporters, what is your opinion towards the few, wealthy democratic donors that are attempting to use their financial privilege to try to sway the contest in Clinton's favor. I'm talking about those who threaten to withhold large amounts of money from the democratic party because Nancy Pelosi said that the votes of the super delegates should not overrule the vote of the populace.

as always,

lost clown said...

I realise that, but unless he says something (and keeps his aides, some of whom are guilty of this, in check) publicly decrying it then to me that is just as bad. Standing by while sexism runs rampant in the party and the media does not make you innocent, it makes you guilty by complacency. Hence my call out to people who are in his camp to ask for him (and the DNC, who I wrote a letter to, along with my state and local democratic parties) to denounce this behaviour. I cannot and will not forgive it and will cease to be a party member (as I told them in my letters).

You don't want to go tit for tat with me on the supporter thing. The NYT and the other media outlets are obviously biased, with the NYT publishing anti-Hillary Op-Eds continually this week, and pro-Obama vs pro-Hillary Op-Eds at a rate, easily estimated, of 5-1.

lost clown said...

Also, the votes of the populace are not so much in his favour if you count the disenfranchised, who, might I add, Hillary was willing to jeopardize her lead with by calling for a recount. Obama doesn't seem to care what the over 1.75 million people of FL and MI think.