Saturday, February 09, 2008

WA Caucus Obama v Hillary

SO today were the WA caucuses. I was caucusing for Hillary. Of course I knew that there would be plenty of Barack supporters in attendance and I was sad that they were the majority in my precinct (9 delegates to 2), simply because of the reasons that they gave for supporting him.

1) I hate Hillary.
Ok, why? Nothing concrete, of course.

2) He's not a politician, he doesn't "play the game."
Oh yeah? He's slagged off the other candidates just as much as they have slagged off each other. And just because he doesn't appear to play the game, he *IS* a politican and he *WILL* be making compromises and deals. If he's elected, boy will you be disappointed.

3) He'll change the system.
Not even superman can do that. People don't seem to understand how the system works. We need someone who can change things from the inside out, someone who knows how to work and manipulate the system. B/c there's that whole checks and balances thing.

4) Hillary's voting record shows she makes compromises.
See #2, also he abstains from so many controversial votes, which is something he won't be able to do as president. Aren't you scared that you don't know what he's going to do when faced with a hard decision? It terrifies me.

5) He inspires young people
Well, we not only had the *youngest* people in our precinct, but when we broke up into candidate caucuses we also had the majority of young people, funny how that works, eh?

6) He's a uniter.
A) Bush said that *shudder*, B ) if he's such a uniter then why was it not unanimous? Also how much uniting do you think he'll be able to do without making compromises?

Also, I got up to give a speech for why the undecideds should vote for Hillary (or Obama supporters should change their votes) and I was visibly shaking. Never done that before. Shaking and my voice was quivering, but even Obama supporters told me I did a good job, so I guess it wasn't that bad, but I'm finally starting to calm down, 5 hours later.


Anonymous said...

too bad burrow, it was 96-8 in my precinct


Coathangrrr said...

You gave a speech, awesome.

I've been saying that I think Obama has an edge in caucuses because he will tend to get more of the male vote and the caucuses seem to me to be set up so as to maximize male privilege. Men are more likely to talk over others and speak out and such.

Rebecca said...

Good for you, going to the caucus and letting your opinion be known! I voted for Hillary too, although in a (much more anonymous) primary.

Laura said...

Wow, well done you for giving a speech! I'm rooting for Hillary across the water xxx

Anonymous said...

Sadly, females always seem to feel better when they are choosing a male over another female. Female-hating is everybody's favourite emotional enthusiasm these days.

Mary Sunshine