Sunday, February 10, 2008


Somebody asked why does she have so much of the latino vote? Short answer: Cesar Chavez's union, United Farmworkers, endorsed her, and I believe she'll do well in TX because she has been endorsed by the Tejano Democrats for work she's done in TX (also there are a large number of union members in TX as well). mmmmm, Cesar Chavez.

Also, my friend in Spokane pointed out that the Hillary/Obama split was divided strictly by class, with the working class voting for Hillary, which, unfortunately, in our society affects many latino/latinas


Breena Ronan said...

Interesting. I voted for Hilary and my friend who is definitely middle class voted for Obama. We are both white though.

lost clown said...

Well that falls right in. Polls show that Hillary's voters are generally women, working/lower class, and latinos.
So you're in there too. ;)

lost clown said...

I meant or.

I did not mean that Hillary is only supported by working class latino women.