Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Wine, 50 mg of Topomax, and 25 mg of Seroquel.

I can't wait to get to the doc as this is not a promising long term solution.


Breena said...

That sucks. Have you tried combining therapy and/or alternative medicine with the drugs? I'm just asking because the traditional route doesn't seem to be working. I took anti-depressants for a number of years, so I'm not opposed to drugs, it's just that other things can help too. And I realize it can be difficult to get help beyond a prescription. I have been really lucky in finding a good therapist and having good coverage.

lost clown said...

I do acupuncture and I've been in therapy since before the medication. I can't do the herbs with the drugs b/c of possible bad interactions. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I'm bipolar, and could never sleep until I started on Ambien. No hangover, either, the way there is with seroquel.

Mary Sunshine

lost clown said...

Ambien doesn't work AT ALL. Neither does trazadone. They treid those long before they tried seroquel, which worked for awhile.