Saturday, November 25, 2006

I was up way too late last night

and I looked out my window and saw this:

I am filled with a childlike joy whenever I see snow. The smell invigorates my body, and invites me to dance in it, try to catch a few snowflakes on my tongue, and roll around in it. The smell is so inviting, so comforting, so exciting. People out here don't understand my love of snow. Their loss.


Sara Faith said...

I just read your post from Feb about inducing a period. Thanks so much for the post. It was great to read about a technique that worked for someone.

lost clown said...

I do what I can. You're welcome.

rabfish said...

wow, that's super pretty

lost clown said...

I know...everything's more gorgeous at night and under snow. (except cats, of course)

spotted elephant said...

I love snow and I miss it terribly! Right now (Sun @ 10:30am) we're getting some flurries mixed with rain.

Maybe it will snow for real here someday.