Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday Fun Blogging

Best shot ever
Originally uploaded by union_clown.
My little boy Logan is soooooooo cute. This was his first time outside.

If you run a mac, and love old radio shows (i.e. theatre/radio series) Then you MUST get this widget. I have been listening to it for hours. I love this thing so much. All these undiscovered (by me) radio serials with lovely period music in between shows. Ohhh...gotta go, Glenn Miller!


ms. jared said...

he's soooooo cute! i love him so much!
xoxo, jared

sparkleMatrix said...

A little bit of niceness in all of this madness.

Timmy my cat (Sparkle*header) says Hi Logan :-)

lost clown said...

Logan says "mew" *lick lick lick*

(he licks everything)

I didn't realise I was holding the entire blogosphere together. Look what happens without me!