Sunday, July 23, 2006

More reasons to hate American football

(other than the fact that it's super machismo rugby for wimps)

So the local football team, the BC Lions has started running ad campaigns that include men:
-shopping for candles and home accessories
-discussing fabric softener, or doing just about any number of "un-manly" things (i.e. I forgot the rest of the commercials). Then these men get knocked unconcious by a football to the head. The tag line is You need some football in your life. The object of the campaign being that if you're not swilling overpriced crappy bear, hooting and hollering and ogleing the 'Felions' (yes you read that correctly), then you are not a man, but then again, the BC Lions have the answer. If you are a man and choose to discuss things that are apparently 'un-manly' you can regain your testicular self worth by consuming football.

These commercials irk me. No I don't stand around discussing how good someone's fabric softener smells (mostly b/c the scented ones generally make me sneeze, but if someone smells pleasant I may ask them what that scent is), but one would assume that some people do, though according to the BC Lions publicists, those people are supposed to be women. Or unmanly men. Because we all know that men are not supposed to worry about the day to day household things at all. That's not what they do, that's what women are here for right?

Gah, my next post is about sports, AGAIN. It's more about Italian culture but the tie in was my experience the day we won the world cup (yes I'm Sicilian).


alyx said...

Ah, Burrow! It's great to see you back and in fine bloggular form! Missed you during my daily blogroll checks. :-)

Never knew you were a spaghetti-muncher. That makes two of us!

P.S. 'Felions.' [*Shakes head.*] God, that's so pathetic. What were they thinking?

Sarah Louise Parry said...

The roles that the advertising trade map out for us are twisted.

Men don't feel like they are fulfilling their duty to be 'macho' if they're not scratching their balls, looking at men tossing balls around, or fantasising over women playing with their balls.

Mainly thanks to shallow stereotypes being sold to us every single day.

Laura said...

Mmmm advertising...a gal's best friend *blergh*

Nice to see you back :-)

AW said...

Lol, I read Felions as Felons with an extra 'i' for a second, and didn't get it :p


RGM said...

Wouldn't this be "our" alternative Canadian football? Cool to find a fellow British Columbian blogger, though I'm currently out in Halifax. How is the home province, stupid sports commercials aside?

lost clown said...

Horrible. There's all the Olympics crap, Gordon Campbell in office AGAIN, Larry Campbell resigned (only politician I ever liked) and now we have the evil Sam Sullivan as mayor of Vancouver. Blargh. It's a bleak couple of years ahead. I'm worried that a lot of people are going to get priced out of Vancouver by all the new developments for the Olympics.

But other then horrible politics, it's been a wonderful summer. And I heard Illuminaires was excellent last night (migraine aftermath, first one I've missed in 5 years). Lots of wonderful bike fun and craziness like the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, etc. Just a little bit I'll be posting pictures of Commercial Drive after we won the World Cup (we being Italy, obviously). Lovely street party.

Anonymous said...

what a gay loser you are - i was looking a copy of the ad to send to a couple of guys like you

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