Saturday, July 08, 2006

I'm not dead

I'm just computerless, broke, and anxious. It's been an awesome week. I've acted out in two of the three ways that I have historically acted out (not cutting this time), can't say it's been very fun, but oh well. I miss you all terribly and have a few posts in the works (I've recently been actually hanging out with people (*GASP*) and have a lot to say about it. Grrrr.


Violet Socks said...

Thanks for checking in! I've been worried about you.

alyx said...

((Big HUGE hug))

Missing you, Burrow. Hope everything gets better for you soon.


Sarah Louise Parry said...

I really like reading your stuff, hope you're back full-time soon!

spotted elephant said...

Hope things get better soon.

lost clown said...

Yeah I'm ok. Bit down lately and all, but I have a brilliant post that should be up the next time I'm at a computer for longer than 3 seconds (at least I hope it's brilliant).

Thanks for the good thoughts. *mwah mwah*

Pippa said...

Of course it will be brilliant! Can't wait. Pippa xx

Radiodog said...

Dear Burrow

Missing you, hope you are well!


Laurelin said...

Can't wait for your forthcoming posts Burrow! I've missed you.

You rock :)