Friday, July 28, 2006


I have had either 3 migraines in the past week and a half, or 1 2-day migraine and one 1 day migraine. I fucking hate them. Neurologist (appt. today) said that if they continue at this rate that I should come back, but if they go back to happening once or twice a month that I shouldn't worry about it. It's no big deal. Because migraines are such a hoot.



hexyhex said...

Oh, nasty. I fucking hate them.

I wish you dark and silent rooms.

Coathangrrr said...

I have a friend who used to get migraines nearly every day. She stopped eating meat and drinking caffiene or alchohol and now only gets them at most twice a week. There was also an herb supplement she was taking, I'll try and find out what it was.

Sarah Louise Parry said...

They are a nightmare!

People do not realise how horrific these things can be until they experience one.

Hope you feel better, as a sufferer myself: my sympathy goes out to you.

spotted elephant said...

(shudder) I hope they stop.

And sorry for my pissiness, but I hope your neurologist starts getting migraines once or twice a month, maybe that would improve his/her clinical (empathy) skills a bit.

lost clown said...

No need to be sorry...that's exactly what I was thinking. Anyone who says that once or twice a month isn't a big deal obviously doesn't get them. (i.e. I was thinking the same thing myself)

Anonymous said...

have you tried the hot water bottle on the feet, cool compress on the forehead cure? lie back on the couch (not flat) for 20 minutes with the hot & cool
not a total cure, but it rejigs the spazzy nervous system and takes the edge off migraines.

i used to get a lot of them... best of luck.

TL said...

Migraines suck.

I get 'em too, as you know. From what I understand, there are drugs you can take for pain once a migraine has started and drugs you can take daily as a preventative. My doctors have always told me that if I get migraines once a month or less I should stick to the former (and I tend to agree because I'd hate to take chemicals daily).

There's an herbal version of the once-a-day therapy called feverfew. It's never done much for me, but I probably have never been truly consistent with it.

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