Friday, June 02, 2006

Lookee what I got:

I went boxing for the first time today and damn was it fun. (Also I look super hot in my new red handwraps. Everyone in the gym knew I was going to box, yeehaw! It's usually quite a men's club in the boxing area.)

My friend also took me sailing for the first time today. It was awesome, I almost capsized the boat (annoying winds that shifted direction constantly). I didn't know how cheap it was for students to go sailing, but I'm afraid of getting hooked 'cuz I'll never be able to afford it on my own. But I plan on taking advantage anyway. It's so relaxing and hey if I can afford it now ($1 to take out a kayak or windsurfing thing, $3 for a boat!!) why not? If Joni's course gets dropped I'll need 2 more credits in order to qualify for financial aid, so I'll probably end up taking the sailing class, then I don't have to pay all quarter! (One time class fee, but if you go enough it's worth the $50 for 9 weeks, and while I'm stuck here for the summer I might as well!)

So I was all calm and went to the co-op to get a bite to eat and I saw asshole (ex-possible unicorn). It went like this:
Huge smile, "Hey Burrow"
"Oh look it's the person who fell off the face of the planet."
Asshole tries to get my attention/make eye contact. I ignore asshole and talk with the guy who was helping me get food...he's very nice so it was easy to ignore asshole.
After I finish getting my food "So what happened?"
Grin "I fell."
"Were you going to tell me or just ignore me?"
Sheepish grin.
"Fine. Bye."

Due to my carriage wit style of thinking I texted asshole about 5 minutes later with: "Ignoring people is mature for 5 year olds."

Then I decided I needed to use my gym fee (paid for through school) and go and beat the shit out of things. It is quite a workout and very VERY fun. I think I shall become addicted to boxing. It'll be like when I did kickboxing and would randomly be sporting nice shiners. (I'm no masochist, but once in awhile you do get hit really good....goes with the territory. Hey, I ain't afraid of no bruise! hehehehehe I slay me.) Mmmm....more boxing tommorrow! WOOT!


hexyhex said...

I always thought kickboxing would be fun, and I've been told I have the perfect body for it (5'10", most of which is leg). Unfortunately, I'm not so good with the hitting-other-people part of it. :(

Andrea said...

How totally pathetic, what an asshole.

Want me to kick the shit out of him for you? You know you want me to.

Terry said...

Good for you! I learned my fighting on the street, not in the gym, but knowing you can throw one with the best of them is so liberating.

lost clown said...

Andrea: yes, darling. I would love that. Also my phone card is only 4.5 cents a minute to the me!

I am so sore, but I'm excited to go and do more boxing today. So fun. Now I know where to stretch better!

Lorenzo said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed boxing!

I used to go to a boxing gym for a couple of years and I loved it.

Once you've got some experience, I hearitly suggest curing a *really* bad mood by throwing on some wraps, no gloves, and pummeling a bag. Very satisfying (especially if you wear white wraps! LOL).

I'm curious; which wrap style did they teach you? around the hand or between each finger?

I first learned the around the hand style but found I liked the between each finger style much more, and it also works better to stabilize your wrists.

lost clown said...

I've been using the around the hand style. It's been working (but I have been soaking my knuckles in epsom salt baths every night and liberally applying tiger balm...I hear I'll be sore for the first 2 weeks.) I'll ask about the between the fingers-try it out. Thanks for the tip!

Laurelin said...

Glad to hear you're enjoying the boxing! I get bruised from Wing Tjun alot too. Tiger balm, that's a good idea...