Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ah finals

and no work which means I am away from a computer (my laptop is still missing...grrr).

So yeah, I thought I'd check in and say hey, and that I have a few bloody knuckles to match my aches and pains,but oh lord is it fun (and funny to see all the guys gawking at a *woman* boxing. It boggles the mind yo.

That and I ran a mile today. First time since high school which was a long ass time ago. That and I need to quit smoking when I get stressed out. The running and punching things may help. (Not to mention the pull ups, sit ups, push ups on my fists or fingertips (strenghtens the hands) and oh yeah, the running. I hate running. Oh well, I like the boxing so I'll deal with the running.)


Radiodog said...

Yay boxing!

What style are you doing?

hexyhex said...

Good luck with finals!

BTW: My blog has moved to http://hexyhex.blogspot.com/

Kaite said...

I'm in the process of moving to London, but as soon as I do I want to take up kickboxing, start going to the gym and do yoga again. I just want to feel that my body is as strong as my mind is. Just started my blogspot blog, and I'm ambling round the internet, reading whatever catches my eye. I'm really enjoying your blog!

Anonymous said...

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