Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hey all

I'm here:

So my posting and blog reading has been very spotty and will continue to be until next week when I get home (I finally have my computer back so late night chats are back on....Andrea I'm looking at you!) as I have packed this week with as much Chicagoliciousness as possible (Cubs game with my little brother tommorrow, hanging out with the Unnaked Girl Clare, and then bounding around Chicago (and possibly Evanston where she's living at the moment) Friday until I get to see my old friend Adria. And my abusive mother is dogsitting in a south suburb of Chicago right now, so I am barely going to see her this entire trip!!! I lucked out. Oh well, poetry night tonight (not that I write poetry, but some of the old timers may show up...I've only been going since high school.)

Hope everything's well with all of you, I do miss you all, but I'll have time when I'm back on the west coast. (Although I am missing the Car Free Commercial Drive Festival which is of course going to kick ass, everyone near Vancouver should go. But alas, I'll be back in time to watch Italy play in the second round games. I love how the street explodes when either Italy or Portugal is playing. Commercial Drive is one of my favourite places anywhere.)


Violet Socks said...

Hey, nice to see you again! That is a beautiful picture -- did you take it?

Andrea said...

Well every time I go on you're not there! You're supposed to spend all day waiting for me!

lost clown said...

Unfortunately I did not take the picture, but I did get a digital camera and will be posting photos of my trip on my flickr account....details to come!

Trudi said...

I loved Commercial Drive when I lived in Van. Sigh.