Saturday, March 18, 2006

You decide:

So when arguing feminism and someone's not listening to you and then says something like this:

If the truth of what you say is so clear, it shouldn't be difficult to convince me, who is, in many ways, already on your side.

Do you think it's a valid arguement? Or annoying as fuck and patently false?


Violet said...

What is this in reference to?

(hey, by the way -- you did know I was kidding when I greeted you as Canadian Clown Dyke, right? I thought it sounded hilarious.)

Joida said...


(violet: that's funny... only she's still just a wannabe Canadian)

lost clown said...

Violet, see my response. ;)

lost clown said...

Feminism, more aptly an arguement about sexism in Titus and Lysistrata.

I thought it was a bullshit statement no matter how you said it, but you can read the whole thing, it's linked in my "for fuck's sake" post down further.

existsnomore said...

It's bullshit, just an easy way to dismiss someone and not have to think about what they're saying.

Laurelin said...

I'm going with 'annoying as fuck and patently false'. I think it;s that damn 'moral highground' bullshit again.

ginmar said...

Every liberal troll I've had has used this phrase.

lost clown said...

You must get all the post modernists then.

This guy I know posted that after saying that I was being unreasonable and getting angry at his bullshit sexism.

Gar. Post modernists need to get their heads removed from their asses every once in a while.

Txfeminist said...

I can finally post to your blog! whoohoo!

its' a ridiculous, specious logical fallacy. (Phallacy? hehee).

Just because person A agrees with you on B and C, doesn't mean that if he doesn't agree with E, that E is false.

He is confusing truth and agreement.