Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I smell bullshit

Everyone go take the poll on global's website here. (The poll is over and done with now, btw)

" What do you think is the greatest limitation on women succeeding at senior levels?"
Sexism is behind "time it takes to climb the ladder" Bullshit. Which also won. grrrrr


manxome said...

Stupid web poll. "Takes time to climg the ladder," because women die before they reach 30. Yeah, it's that darned short lifespan thing.

If you really think about it though, all the poll choices are "sexism".

chantal said...

that site doesn't log by ip address. so you can vote over and over again :)

lost clown said...

SHit! I should be dead all ready! LOL

existsnomore said...

I need to strangle someone. Like the people who voted for 'time it takes to climb the ladder'.

lost clown said...

I've decided that people who take Global's polls are morons, since yesterday's poll was about the Conservative childcare plan $1200/year, total crap, and people voted in favour of it