Monday, February 20, 2012

Testing One, Two....

You may have noticed that I have a blogroll again, but there are some very near and dear to me people missing. Mainly science geeks that I adore, so if you would please comment here with your blog so that I can add it to my blogroll. (First I must get rid of all the f*cking spam I have collected.)

I'm looking at you lovely math blogger in TN, among others.

ALSO: If you are a male blogger that I used to read/keep in touch with and are a science geek or radical I especially have no way of getting in touch with you b/c I've been trolling Scientiae and rad fem blogs for links. LEAVE YOUR INFO HERE so I can add you. I'm thinking of some "SYTYCD" fans!


Kitty Redrock said...

Hi Lost Clown,

You have an excellent blog and I have enjoyed and learned a great deal from it.

I appreciate many of the things you have covered and the depth of your expression.

A Faithful Follower: