Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Still working on missing posts

Chew on this:
The End is Not For a While

When you scroll over it it says "I THINK EVERYONE INVOLVED HERE IS CUTE."


Saraline said...

haha. that's pretty adorable.

Logan said...

looking forward to seeing your photos. i have been putting a few up on my blog thedispatch.info of rnc events. good meeting you in the streets then outside of the mercury cafe.

peace, logan

lost clown said...

It was good meeting you too. One thing about not taking my computer (boo for me) is that blogger ate my post on the march, but now I can get it back up with pictures. I have to go in and scan them, but I can write it while uploading which is a good thing and the pictures will get me back in the moment.

lost clown said...

Oh and thanks for the link.

Kim said...

Heh :)