Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I wonder (RNC post)

If they're doing what the cops did in Denver where they had their badge numbers embroidered in black on their uniforms so that they technically were identifiable, but god damn if anyone could actually make out what the hell their badge numbers were.

Also, police are trading pepper spray for the offer of flowers. Because flowers are apparently weapons of mass destruction and terrorism.

For more news check out Twin Cities Indymedia and as I posted below, for up to the minute action text "Follow TCIMC" to 40404 (their twitter feed, which is a fucking brilliant idea and makes me want to run to all these places that people are needed even though I can't.)


polerin said...

absolutely awesome. First time I've seen a link to indymedia on a feminist blog. It seems you are in the TC, so please be safe, and best of luck to you. Wish I were there.

lost clown said...

Really? Wow.

I've been participating in the IMC since I was the photo coordinator in Philly (our print team fucking rocked, btw. Those kids were incredible.)

I'm one of those "don't hate the media, become the media" kind of people.