Sunday, May 25, 2008

More Numbers

Hillary's support has steadily grown in March-May while Obama's has dropped in all categories except African Americans (so all you commenter's who say it's only old white women (apparently I and many other Hillary supporters don't exist) can shove it). There are numbers and charts and everything. I may be a mathematician but I prefer pure mathematics. Ask me how to invent square roots, not do stuff like this.

She certainly has gotten more votes since March 4th. Don't you think that the presumptive nominee should have been winning all those, since he was inevitable? Obviously, no one told the voters.

Oh and to Keith Olbermann: Stop using "Good night and good luck" as your sign off. You are a misogynist gasbag that is not even a fraction of the journalist that Edward R. Murrow was. He's rolling over in his grave every time you say that. If anyone in the mainstream media came even close to doing what he did (HA!) they would be fired in a heartbeat. There is not a modicum of honesty or integrity in your reporting. You uphold the status quo, he sought make sure that the truth was exposed, even if that meant bucking the status quo and putting himself in jeopardy. YOU, sir, are NOT him, and are besmirching his legacy.


Adorable Girlfriend said...

It is interesting how race is an issue, despite what the mediabots try to sell us.

Anonymous said...

Keith Olbermann? a misogynist? srsly?

as always,

lost clown said...

KO: "I want a superdelegate to take her into a room and only he comes out." But then again, you need to take it in context with his other women hating remarks. (And those aren't about Hillary either in case anyone gets all pissy and says I'm being touchy about Keith saying that someone should physically assault one of our candidates. Put this way, if he said it about Obama would you think it was ok?

lost clown said...

A round up of said comment can be found here.


The clip at the page linked is from 2006 and his "a slut and battery" shtick. The misogynist fucker.

lost clown said...

Elton John on the worst person list because he dared to state the FACT that this country has a misogyny problem?

Keith Olbermann? ALWAYS.