Sunday, January 06, 2008

To those who say "If not Kucinich then Ron Paul"

Have you looked at any of his other stances past that of the Iraq war?

Do you know how many people will die if he overturns Roe v. Wade?

Are you that stupid to trade THOUSANDS OF WOMEN'S LIVES (because let's be honest, with the Supreme Court how it is now and the political outlook bleak do you really think that if it gets overturned we'll get it back in the next few decades? century? centuries?) for what is certain to be a disastrous withdrawal?

Now let me clear things up before you jump all over me. Yes, I am against the war. Yes, I think we should pull out, but everyone right away? We fucked things up, and while I admit we need a MAJOR overhaul of how we are conducting ourselves over there (it's appalling atm), we can't just abandon what we fucked up. I would prefer to see peacekeepers brought in (which we will never be seen as: destroying their whole society for nothing more then revenge for what happened to poor little Georgie's daddy), and preferably ones who understand the culture, again NOT US. But we need to facilitate that, or the UN, or SOMEONE. and as I see it neither Kucinich or Paul has any plan to make things better for the Iraqis while bringing home the troops. It's not just about us people, it's about us being responsible for our messes.

Yeah, Ron Paul has some policies I think are great, but he has A LOT that are scarier then hell, especially the fact that he thinks that I shouldn't have control over my own body.

I posted about how to induce a miscarriage using only parsley and vitamin c and I am SHOCKED and TERRIFIED of how far women who do not have access to abortion are willing to go to abort an unwanted baby. They willingly and knowingly put their lives in jeopardy. Is that what you want? Because that's what I'm hearing.

Do women's lives not matter to you? Or is this something you just didn't know about, because I kinda hope that people research their candidates.

And to people who commented before about my choice of who to caucus for: weighing ALL the pros/cons (and Kucinich doesn't even enter into the picture anymore, first for endorsing a misogynist and racist rag (and there is a difference between saying that something has a right to exist and endorsing it), and secondly for even musing about teaming up with Ron Paul, but in reality I could have forgiven him that one) I've re-reviewed stances and will probably caucus for Edwards.

But to be completely honest I have not voted anything but 3rd party ever since I could vote (every voting year has found me in a blue state: Washington, NY, Illinois......etc). So whatever flack you want to give me about who I support in the primary just understand that I won't be voting for them, but instead be voting for some radical leftist who never stands a chance of getting elected anytime soon. Now if we went by *popular* vote instead of the ridiculous and outdated electoral college I would probably be more likely to vote democrat, these days anyway. *sigh*


Nella said...

Ron Paul, as in the guy who has also become infamous outside America for being racist, antisemitic and having the endorsement of the likes of David Duke? I dread to think why anyone on the left would accept a candidate like that.

Lena said...

I used to like Kucinich, too, but... he's actually not real. I wish we could elect Chris Dodd.

Coathangrrr said...

Thousand of women are dying now, because of our actions in Iraq. I don't support Paul, but this is also a false dilemma. He isn't going to win. No one actually has to choose.

I disagree, we need to leave and leave now. A U.N. force won't work. Really, nothing will work. We just need to leave.

Holly said...

I support Mike Gravel and this will be the first time that I do vote third party. However, this is only the second time I have voted and last election, it was Democrat due to the lesser of two evils. I do love Mike Gravel, though, his ideas are progressive and above all, HE SUPPORTS WOMEN AND A WOMAN'S RIGHT TO CHOOSE! And yes, the day Roe v Wade is overturned (because let's face it, the odds aren't looking too good) congress has signed the death certificates of millions of women!

Say it with me, with feeling!