Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fighting mental breakdown

OK, so I have 2 math classes. One is a 400-level abstract algebra class that I am doing well in. The second is a 300-level proofs class where I am given a page of shoddy definitions and remarks, am not allowed to talk to anyone, even people in the class, or look at any other books on the subject. Most our grade is from presentation of correct proofs in class, I, of course, am not very confident in my proofs since I am so confused by his notes and talking to the prof is NO HELP whatsoever. It's not like I can't do proofs, 401 is all proofs and I am doing very well in that class. Everyone else has presented 3-4 proofs, and I presented a whooping 1.

I missed class on Tuesday because of a migraine, and I have gone to class with a migraine before, but the way I deal with the inordinate amount of stress is by avoiding the class. I missed class today b/c I missed my first class (she lectures straight from the book, though) and I just couldn't move to get to the proofs class. That's how I deal with anxiety (thanks PTSD), by freezing, or in this case avoiding. I know it's not helping, especially since on Fridays I have to turn in correct forms of all the proofs presented in class (25% of my grade).

ARGH! I need a better way to deal with stress, I know this, hence all the therapy and meds and accupuncture. I would drop this class (never have so many tears been shed over a class) except it's a requirement.

How can I do proofs for my 401 class but not for this one? (Although I have a sneaking suspicion it's because I am able to talk to people and get a better grasp on the material. Group theory, check. Whatever the hell we're doing in 312, definitely not a fucking check.) ACK!

The Moore method sucks. And you know what I remember from my last class that was Moore method? Nothing, except the extreme desire to throw the prof out the window.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry that you are having such a tough time. PTSD is so horrible, but you doing so well.
My thoughts are with you.

Rebecca said...

That sucks! It sounds crazy that you can't talk to anyone about the proofs. Yes, I think it is understandable that you would not be doing so well in that class compared to the other one. I know I would have a hard time in a class set up like that. Sorry to hear about the anxiety. Is there anyone (e.g. an advisor or a trusted professor in the department) who you could talk to about the situation?

lost clown said...

The only prof I know who does not "teach" this class using the Moore method is on sabbatical, so taking it from someone else is not really an option. So I think I'm SOL.

Laura said...


loves yoooooouuuuuu