Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Disability Zine nitty gritty
42 pages of awesome (plus cover)
Images by basiL, billie rain, Jessie, Leslie Balch & Sasha Smithy, Amy @, & Sadie Sicko
Helium by Kristin Allen-Zito
Art Viewing by Jessie
Untitled by Trouble
Spoon Theory by Christine Miseradino
Handicap Nazi by Christy Leigh Stewart
Applying for Disability by Trouble
No pause, no break, no end by Meeresbande
Disability in the Movement: Including the Invisible by Comrade Canary

Accessible Design by Paula Bergman
Acquiring a Service Dog in the USA by Morgan at
It’s Not You, It’s Them by Michele Kaplan
A Dog with PTSD saves an owner with PTSD by Burrow
Making Spaces Accessible to People with Invisible Disabilities collected and edited by Burrow
Look for it at your local info shop (now becomes that very tricky trying to stretch my disability cheque so that I can print off and post at least 1 per info shop in N. America to see if they want to order them or not)
$3 to the US, $4 to Canada and $6 international.  Prices are all inclusive (printing, buying postage & mailing packets)
Email dontdismyability AT riseup DOT net
LARGE PRINT FORMAT (i.e. FULL SHEET ENLARGED TEXT) AVAILABLE.  Please let me know what font size you would like.