Thursday, April 19, 2012

Disability Zine Callout for Submissions: I WANNA HEAR FROM YOU!

I am doing a callout for submissions! DUE APRIL 30TH! PUBLICATION MAY 15TH! (though late submissions are OK, just tell me if you're writing something so I know to hold it for you).

I am putting together a print-zine about disabilities and the activist community. Your post can be about anything related to that topic, whether it has to do with your identity as an Activist with a disability or difficulties fitting into your chosen activist scene (e.g. Earth First!) as an Activist with a disability.

Though it is activist scene leaning this doesn't mean that other submissions aren't welcome. I actually have submissions on general stuff too so PLEASE EMAIL ME YOUR SUBMISSIONS! I want something EPIC!

Possible topics:

Did you come to activism through your disability?

Does your disability make it harder for you to be taken seriously by people in your community?

Do you feel you have to teach people what life is like in your shoes?

Do you feel that you are by default a disability Rights activist?

From the peanut gallery:

What are ways that people can make spaces more accessible to people with disabilities?

How can we make spaces accessible to both invisible and visible disabilities at the same time?

What are the different accommodations needed for different disabilities?

How do we handle Service Dogs?

Nitty gritty: DUE APRIL 30th, Publication May 15th. All people who get published will get a copy or two free! Send me your pictures, poems, essays, 1st hand accounts, critical analyses, etc.

email: dont dis my ability AT riseup DOT net

**EDIT:** I will be using the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License, which means they have to attribute you, can't use it for commercial endeavours, and have to use it as is (no derivations). If you want a different copyright let me know.

I do not plan to make any money. I hope to recoup printing costs, but it will be for sale at info shops for as cheap as possible (I am going to be shipping it all over the US and Canada too).