Tuesday, May 03, 2011


So Canada voted in a Conservative Majority despite what would be best for the country so I went to drown my sorrows in one of the two bars I frequent in town. Upon arrival I was told that I had to go outside because my dog was not allowed. I tried explaining that she was a service dog, even producing her papers which were pushed aside and not even glanced at, and firmly told that it didn't matter that they can refuse service to anyone. I asked if they would say the same if I were blind to which they replied again "we can refuse service to anyone."

Having already bought a drink I went outside, but I went back in to ask when I could speak to the owner. They said I could speak to the manager tomorrow at 4. I plan to and if he does not understand the law I am contacting the state disability board and a civil rights lawyer. I have been to this bar many times with Sadie and do not understand why this time was a problem. To top it off there was another, non-service dog in the bar, but apparently that dog is a-ok (he said it's the only dog allowed in the bar).

Yes I cried. To deny my dog is to deny me. I may not have a visual disability, but I have one and I require a service dog to function "normally." To deny me a service because I require outside assistance is just as bad as not having a ramp for wheelchairs. So fark you Overtime in Clemson, SC. I'm going to fight for my right to frequent you then you can kiss my white butt because you will never get my business again.


DavidByron said...

I came across a claim (more of an accusation, ironically) that you're a feminist site that doesn't censor critics. Since I have been telling people no such place exists on the 'net for several years now, I figured I better check it out.

Do you have any regulars who are critics of feminism?

When you say in your brief bio that you are a Wobbly, do you mean a member of the IWW? Such a view is incompatible with feminism which is a right wing ideology, based as it is upon an essentialist view that women are superior to men. In particular these days the feminist movement is little but a cover for imperialist wars, and a distraction for the so-called left from class issues.

I have yet to read much of your blog so I apologise if these questions are evident from reading more text.

lost clown said...

1st of all feminism is as left wing as it gets. The kind of feminism I practice (radical feminism) is the belief that "no one can be free while others are oppressed" which is basically stating that we want to rid the world of all oppression, not that we want to oppress men. I don't know where you get your ideas, but I don't know ANY practicing feminists who believe that women should oppress men.

seethesea said...

Happy New Year 1982. Oh, sorry, it's 2012? Given some people's ongoing fear / misinformation / ignorance of feminism I thought I'd slipped back 30 years. I'm glad that the fella above asked questions instead of flaming but why is it so difficult for people to understand .. we all come the same way, we all go the same way, and we all have a right to exist in a society which means we have equal access to all resources in between.

I'm so glad I found this page. Thank you for it. I can feel many more contributions brewing