Monday, March 30, 2009

Got my first acceptance letter

It's from Clemson University. WOO WOO.

Still waiting to hear back from my first and second choices: SUNY Stonybrook and UH Manoa.

Also starting in on crunch time for my research. The APS meeting is the weekend of May 12th/13th and I will be presenting then. I've got some great stuff about how to improve teaching methods and retention rates for women in STEM from various studies and C.M. Steeles' work on stereotype threat. More on this later.


Rebecca said...


Anonymous said...

congrats on this one - things are on the up eh!

sam said...

You're going to get into all of them, smartypants.

Randa said...

Congratulations on getting in to Clemson! I got accepted there but I went to UGA instead.

Hope you get your other choices as well!!