Sunday, January 11, 2009

Reasons I shouldn't teach

I might turn out like this:


The Mad Chemist said...

When I was teaching, I always graded in red. One day my adviser looked over my shoulder and exclaimed disbelief that I did so as it "stressed" the students out.

He graded in colorful gel pens to ease the pain. So we should make them feel warm and fuzzy about flunking an exam???

But the McD's app is a new one for me.

lost clown said...

I heard that students respond better to comments when they're in a colour other then red. I try to grade in a different colour, but I grade in whatever's handy (no blue or black) and lately it's been red.

Incidentally I had a lab TA who graded my labs in pink and I remember not even looking at the comments just because it was in pink. I mean, PINK!

Nora said...

My math teacher used to do this, students bitched, parents complained, ect, ect. . .

I just sat in class thinking about how I'm going to be asking the girl behind me who got one stabled to her's to supersize my order one day.

I think it's a good wake-up call.

P.S. To eariler comment, teacher never grade in red anymore, it's always purple or green. It's less stressful and harder for the students to make changes post-grading.