Saturday, August 09, 2008

Getting back to writing

and hopefully blogging (about substantial things). I am writing a story, have about 4 1/2 chapters written and know the big plot point I'm working towards and it features a protagonist with PTSD, Parker, and is fantasy set in present day earth. Since I am writing it in my journal-smaller pages, I have set a goal of writing 10 pages every day. Hopefully this will get me writing again.

I have some ideas for feminist theory kicking around my head (which I can only hope will be as good as my polyamory and activism and my compulsive masculinity pieces) so hopefully once I have trained myself to write everyday I can make the leap to sit down and work on that. I'm hoping that after this last go boom it's all uphill so that I will be able to pull quotes and research stuff out without any PTSD related crap happening, but first the fiction.


Debi Crow said...

Sounds really promising - looking forward to reading more! Hope you are okay. xxxxx

NOLA radfem said...

I am definitely coming back to read word for word...great stuff! I like the compulsory masculinity piece.

I was a Social Justice and Women's Studies major (at the age of 30). Having been a military wife since I was 17, I had a LOT of frustration and anger about military men and military base culture. So after all that time spent studying women and minority history, literature, art, philosophy, theory, etc., I ended up writing my senior thesis on "Masculinity and Militarism: Mutually Reinforcing Myths." As I told my advisor, "Great, so after all this, my thesis comes down to 'So what's up with white dudes anyway?'" LOL. But it was great therapy to take some feminist theory and just take 50 pages hacking away at the military male bullshit I'd been living for thirteen years.

Good luck with your writing. It can get pretty tough, pretty cumbersome at times, but you'll do it!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm working on my first novel! And I also dabble in "art" (quotation marks required in my case). I've developed an interest in fine art photography.

And....oh I remember the "in training" days...oh my.

lost clown said...

Oh the training is harder then I thought. Ay yi yi.