Monday, September 17, 2007

Asshole of the day

In response to this post which was talking about my condescending Limits prof.

The shit you are doing is beyond simple. Stop being a pussy and quit blaming everyone for your sub-par mathematical skills. Your professor has nothing against you, he just thinks you're a fucking moron and would have probably said that to anyone that cannot understand the basics of calculus at such a level.

-Gottfried Leibniz

So me acing the next quiz must be further proof of my idiocy. So the fact that he's only condescending to female students, even the only person to get an A in our class, is not important since he so obviously would be condescending to any student, not just the women.

The fact that I maintain an A/B average in Mathematics and Physics is just because I'm lucky a good guesser because my puny mind just can't comprehend anything and I should just give up now and get a job at McDonalds, because only people with subpar math skills would get A's and B's.

How dare I get pissed at a sexist condescending asshole? Why don't I just take it like a man? Mmmmm, yeah. I don't think anyone should be treated like that, even if they are an idiot.

Edited to add: I posted this not just because I was pissed and wanted to see the bullshit some people write me (though their comments are usually unpublished), but also because it's people like this who make me want to work harder and 'show them.' Look out for me!


Kitty Glendower said...

There is always some asshole standing in line to display his assholyness. He probably wrote that when a woman rejected him even though he thought he was all of that. Fuck him.

MaggieH of Against Pornography said...

I was always crap at math during junior high. It lasted during my high school years... I was getting E- or Fs... until my very last year of High school when I suddenly got better and passed my final math exam with a B+

Maths, quite a science, huh?

Kate said...

I'm posting to tell you that I love the new colour scheme. Yellow, pretty.

This would appear to feed into the stereotype that women are shallow and unsuited for cerebral pursuits like math but my world is full of brilliant women mathematicians so I just can't be bothered to engage with that bullshit.