Wednesday, June 20, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance

Personal Favourites:
(go ballroomers! Gotta represent)
and a special place in my heart for Hok and Sara (B-Girl!! WOOO WOOO WOOO)

Funny enough I don't like Jessi, but her and Pasha have been so good with their dancing the past two weeks I just had to vote for them. It was amazing to see another ballroom dancer move that way. Of all the ballroom/lindyhoppers I know I am the only one who has trained in Jazz and Modern/Contemporary. It's just not what ballroomers do, so to see him pull it off so spectacularly warmed my heart.

Shauna and Jimmy make me smile, and I've voted for them the past two weeks, but that also may be because they have such great energy...I'd like to see them in something more serious to see if they really are flexible dancers. Performing hish energy routines is one thing, but pulling off a lyrical, contemporary, or smooth routine (like the waltz) is a horse of another colour.

I absolutely adored Sabra and Dominic's contemporary routine. The way they played off each other, the chemistry, they had some beautiful lines and it blew me away. It was amazing. Simply amazing. They better be safe this week, they have my vote.

Jesus also blew me away, he looked like someone who had danced the Paso Doble for years, he had the additude, the lines, the stature, everything that dance requires he had. Sara was amazing for someone who had never danced in heels and who has never partnered before. She sure looked better then me when I first did the Paso Doble (sans heels).

People I'm voting for whose routines did not blow me away:
Lacey and Kameron: their routine needed more energy and Kameron needed more. My notes on this dance are somewhat shabby so I can't comment on it too well.

Anya and Danny: Anya looked spectacular, but she's a ballroom dancer, it's no suprise she pulled this off. Danny was uncomfortable and it showed. His lines, his partnering, and his footwork were sloppy. Anya carried the dance, but in ballroom it's the leads job, whether male or female, usually male, who is supposed to make the follow look good.

My friends make fun of me for not only being obsessed with the show, but also take comprehensive notes on each of the dances so I can make good choices on who to dance with. I always vote for multiple couples, leaving the three who impressed me the least out of my voting. It was hard picking today, but I believe Hok and Faina can save themselves if they dance for their lives. I would really like to see Faina with a new partner, because I think she sparkles.

Up on my plate this summer: 3 day workshop with Ron Montez, Salsa, Viennese Waltz, Argentine Tango, the Seattle Lindy Exchange, and preparing for the DVIDA National Closed Championship in October. Which means I better start dancing in heels, booooooooooooooooo.

Looking forward to the elimination show tommorrow. I hope none of my favourites get cut.


Tony said...

Wow, such a detailed critique! I love Hok and I really wish that he would stick around for a while, but I don't think it's going to happen. He's definitely going to find himself in the bottom three along with Cedrick. They are quickly showing their limitations. It is really noticeable against Sara and Dominic, who are also b-boys-and-girls, but who obviously aren't one trick ponies.

Lacey is probably my favorite, maybe because her brother and cousin were favorites last year. I was disappointed with their routine this week, especially after the way they threw themselves into Mia's choreography last week. I still feel like the have the best chemistry of any couple.

Sabra and Dominic's partnering really amazed me. I expect to see big things from them.

Rounding out the rest of my list are Jessi, Pasha, and Anya, and Jesus. I am waiting to see how Jimmy handles a slower style before passing judgment.

Thanks for the post. I'm not a dancer at all, but i love the show. It's so nice to have a reality show that is actually showcasing a true art form.

lost clown said...

Lacey is a West Coast Swing dancer which is one of my favourite dances, even though my bad lindy habits show up while I'm doing it. (Every time I go out and West Coast all my partners comment that I must be a lindyhopper, but they can't explain why.) I loved Benji and Heidi last year, and continually voted for them so it's great to see Benji's younger sister doing so well.

lost clown said...

America is stupid. I think they didn't understand the Jazz routine and that's why they didn't vote for Pasha and Jessi who were phenomenal. Boooooooooooo.

Tony said...

I was wondering if you were going to comment on that. I couldn't believe it myself. I'm also confused about the dancing for your life thing. Either they're being judged on their solo performance that night or not. The judges are definitely bringing in past history to their decision making, but they're doing it randomly. Cecil should be going home.

lost clown said...

I believe you mean Cedric, and yes, I totally agree. That shocked me. I was booing the TV.

Tony said...

Sorry, yes of course I meant Cedric. The kid has mad skills, but he's wrong for this competition. (I plan to continue adding to this thread every week, by the way. I know of no one else who watches the show and certainly no one with the dance background for quality critique. If you get tired of it, let me know.)

lost clown said...

No problem, I love dance's my native shop talk, math shop talk is my second language. ;)

lost clown said...

Just in case you come here, I have a new post on this weeks dances up.