Thursday, March 08, 2007

Can I get some crazy with that cake?

This year sucks. This year alone I have been diagnosed as ADD and with Bipolar moods. So that adds to my previous diagnoses of PTSD, BPD, and depressed. I love the rollercoaster. ACK.


spotted elephant said...

Yeah, it's like the illnesses spread and grow. :( But the upside is that bipolar should replace depressed, so that's one less add-on.

I don't mean to be flip-this is just how I comfort myself.


Cruella said...

You know I always wonder - we evolved to live in a cave, to hunt with our hands, cr*p in a ditch and have lots of sex and lots of children who were raised communally in tribes. And people think it's a "disorder" when we don't cope well with working in an office and trying to maintain a modern flat, modern relationships and high-pressure parenthood, deal with modern media and technology.

Think about it this way - there is no reason to expect yourself to be able to "cope" with modern life. And statistically almost no-one does.

So get all the help you can. Whether that's chemical, theraputic or as simple as reducing your work hours or hiring a cleaner/gardener.

It's not a diagnosis, it's a discrepancy between what you can do effectively and what society expects. Society is where the problem lies. You - you do your thing and don't worry about the rest.

lost clown said...

That's good to keep in mind.

SE-I totally understand. Thanks

bizzy128 said...

Sunday, March 18, 2007
Thank you for the information about the parsley and vit c. I'm new to your site. I researched it some more on and they had good and similar info. I started with the parsley infusion and insert, and vit c. on friday afternoon. I was taking at least 6000mg of vit c. (sometimes double) in a day. On Saturday night, I started drinking Dong Quai tea. I used 2 teabags per one cup of boiling water. It's actually yummy! I drank one cup before bed. I got up this morning and drank another cup, along w/my vits. and parsley. At noon, I went in to change my parsley insert and notice blood. :) I was shocked that it worked so quickly. I'm still gonna go see my doctor in a couple of days to confirm cause I never actually took a test, but should I continue w/this reciepe or not?

lost clown said...

Stop when you start bleeding. I'm glad it worked for you.

Little Tigger said...

Your not the only one. I'm handicapped by a stroke I had
when I was 15.
I don't understand some things like
growedup things and I get mad
easy and throw the ketchup down
because it don't come out and
yesterday I banged the kebord
because my computer won't play
a midi file. then bob normals
say "geez its only a ---"
when the stpid pencil jumps off
the tiable to make me mad
so I spanked it and the wall
ihit my elbo and I got mad
and punmched it. stupid wall.
I hate normies sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't give to much weight to such labels as "ADD" and "bipolar." When taken in context of this crazy culture...I'm sure we all have "it." But think about this: put an American doctor in Iraq right now. Send him some Iraqi kids. Sometimes the kids are depressed, hyper, etc. The doctor gives the kids the latest designer drugs....

But the doctor didn't care to ask: what about the bombings? Instead of the pills: stop the bombs (in Iraq and metaphorically in out culture). Don't bomb me and then drug me. Thank you.

lost clown said...

I know exactly what you mean.